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Our Story

Welcome to the story page of Growing Strong Families Inc.!

Our dynamic board is composed of individuals who are deeply committed to serving families locally and globally. Each board member brings unique skills, professional training, and years of experience in their respective fields. They are not only leaders in their professions but also in their own families, eagerly sharing their resources and knowledge to support and learn from other professionals and experienced individuals who have found success in family life.


Let us introduce you to our remarkable board members:


Crystal Smith - Event Planner/Vocational Counselor: Crystal Smith is a highly skilled event planner and vocational counselor, bringing extensive expertise in organizing and coordinating statewide conferences, workshops, and meetings. With a career spanning over 20 years, she has provided invaluable coaching, counseling, and guidance to countless youth and families. Crystal's deep passion lies in making a positive impact on their lives, firmly believing in the transformative power of sowing good seeds and placing trust in God for the ultimate harvest. Her unwavering dedication to serving others is at the core of her work and aligns perfectly with the mission of Growing Strong Families Inc.


Gregory Smith - Ordained Minister: Gregory Smith is a compassionate and dedicated ordained minister with a deep passion for guiding at-risk youth. He is committed to strengthening male presence and leadership in the home. Through his mentorship and spiritual guidance, Gregory positively impacts the lives of young individuals facing challenges and adversity. His expertise and dedication greatly contribute to Growing Strong Families Inc.'s mission of improving leadership and empowering at-risk youth for a brighter future.


Bessie Davis – Business Expert: Bessie Davis is a highly accomplished business and office manager who brings her expertise in financial management to the board of Growing Strong Families Inc. With a strong background in insurance and banking, she understands the importance of establishing strong financial foundations for family stability and empowerment. Bessie’s extensive experience in managing office operations and financial systems allows her to provide valuable insights and guidance to the organization.


Dr. Evelyn Evans - Pediatrician and Adolescent Medicine Specialist: Dr. Evelyn Evans is a prominent pediatrician based in the Blackbelt region, specializing in adolescent medicine. With her extensive experience in working with families facing various challenges, she provides invaluable insights into the emotional well-being of families and strategies for fostering healthy relationships. Dr. Evans is an asset to the Growing Strong Families Inc. board, as she brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to inform the organization’s programs and initiatives.


Chanel Mahone – Human Resource Expert: Chanel Mahone is a passionate and experienced human resource director who brings her knowledge and expertise to guide Growing Strong Families Inc. as the organization grows and expands its programs and services. As a dedicated mother to boys, she understands the importance of serving others and is committed to positively impacting families’ lives.

Janice Martin – Healthcare Expert: Janice Martin is a compassionate and dedicated registered nurse with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. With her extensive experience in the healthcare field, Janice brings invaluable insights to guide Growing Strong Families Inc. in planning impactful programs and initiatives. Her passion for nurturing strong family dynamics extends beyond her professional life, as she is also a devoted wife, mother, and grandmother.

Together, our board members collaborate to design educational programs, outreach initiatives, and resources that empower families to reach their full potential. Their collective wisdom and dedication to serving families create a vibrant, supportive community where everyone can thrive.


We invite you to explore the various programs and initiatives offered by Growing Strong Families Inc. and join us in our mission to strengthen families locally and globally. Together, we can create a world where every family grows strong and flourishes.

Meet The BOARD 

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